Salumi Artisan Meats: you can’t beat our meat… unless you ask nicely. ;)

First thing’s first - What is Salumi?

Salumi is the craft of preserving and salting cured meat. It’s an Italian term describing the preparation of cured meat products made predominantly from pork. Salumi includes bresaola, which is made from beef, and also cooked products such as mortadella and prosciutto cotto.

Who is Salumi Artisan Meats?

We’ve traveled the world and have experienced countless types of fantastic foods and decadent desserts, but what always stands out above the rest are the quality meats offered as appetizers to pair with your meals in the world’s most prestigious locations.

Whether they’re served on a plate or platter there’s no denying the mouthwatering taste from a freshly sliced cut of expertly uncured artisan meat.  

What started as a hobby quickly turned into the passion to share our palate-pleasing flavors of high quality artisan meats with you and the rest of the world. Offering only the highest quality cuts, that are then prepared and preserved by our world-renown master Salumieri.

Crafting 5-star Italian style meats across a wide range of styles and flavor profiles to give you an ever-growing selection of the world’s most delicious Italian meats.

We’ve partnered with industry leading Salumi experts to make these royalty grade prepared meats available for you to enjoy at the most affordable prices possible.

Shipping your favorite delicacies directly to your doorstep to provide a seamless ordering experience that allows you to enjoy your new Artisan meats from the comfort of your home on any occasion. 

We’re not your standard meat supplier. We’re a small group of committed meat enthusiasts and professionals with a passion for providing quality products and service.

Our commitment to quality and service isn’t just our philosophy; it has a deep, rich history, embedded in the preparation and quality of our meats by the experts who have dedicated their lives to the timeless art form that is Salumi.